Right to Access and Privacy of Student Records

All parents and guardians of students under 18 years of age, all emancipated minor children, and all students over 18 have the right to examine the official records, files, documents and data kept by our school district directly related to the student. You have a right to challenge any of the contents of these records in order to insure their accuracy and fairness.

Procedures for such examination and challenge, including a hearing on a challenge, are available upon request from our building principals. Copies of such records are available upon request at our cost. A copy of the complete administrative regulation, which provides detailed information on the subject, is also available from any school administrator.

Under the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, no such records shall be made available to any person or agency without the consent or notification of the parent, guardian, or student, except to the teachers and officials of our school district who have a legitimate educational interest in such information, unless there has been a request from a federal agency for information in connection with the student's application for financial aid. Also, if a student's records are transferred to another school district, or if a court has ordered access to his or her records, the parent, guardian or student will be notified by our school administrators.

See Policy 2416